Western Carolina University Student

Current senior at Western Carolina University seeking a Bachelor’s of Science degree with a concentration in public relations. I’m also pursuing a minor in marketing. Throughout my collegiate journey leading up to this point I’ve worked for Axis Security, Lowe’s, UPS and volunteered at several community service events throughout Jackson County, N.C. The experience from these opportunities has helped me gain strong interpersonal, customer service, and time management skills, and the ability to become multifaceted. Key traits/strengths that I take pride in are being very ambitious, reliable, and adaptable.

A few skills I’ve grasped while being an athlete at Western that translates into the business world include team skills, commitment, self-motivation, determination, composure and the ability to motivate others. While being an athlete you encounter people with different backgrounds, cultures and views. Being in a competitive/ team environment you become very understanding and find ways to minimize differences to reach the greatest end result which ultimately strengthens the closeness of the group/team.

A career goal I have starts with finding an internship where I can make a positive impact within the company and potentially move up and take on a management role.