Brandy Lyda

About Me

Hi there! I’m a a photography enthusiast who wants to expand my career in a more creative action. I’m currently have my Bachelor of Science in Communication. My concentrations are public relations and broadcasting. I always get the question of why would I choose those? My answer is simple. I like to be creative and professional at the same time. These concentrations allow me to do both and enjoy the atmosphere and accomplishments I will gain in my lifetime. 

While I have had many accomplishments in my life one would be interning at Walt Disney World. There, I worked a safety-critical role and fell in love with the Walt Disney Company. It took me so long to earn a spot into that internship that I gained perseverance and learned to never give up on a dream job that I want.

Another accomplishment I have is photographing two weddings. Now, I’m not a professional photographer but it’s something I love to do. It was such a fun experience. I’m so proud that I got to show my creative side with my photography. It’s a passion of mine and I hope to find a career that allows me to at least appreciate the beauty of photography.

Overall, my career goal is to work in an atmosphere that allows me to be creative.