About Me

I am currently a senior at Western Carolina University working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication with a focus in Journalism and a minor in Business Law. I have an anticipated graduation of May 2020.

During my time at Western Carolina Universtiy, I have worked as a Resident Assistant for three years. While working in residential living I have helped with the marketing and newsletters of the residence hall, creating fliers for programs and helping run the resident hall Instagram. This has helped me to advance my creativity skills and my written communication skills. As a resident assistant, I have had practice dealing with communicational issues between residents and have had my mediation skills put to use.

Through my time as assistant editor-in-chief of the university’s literary magazine, The Nomad, I have been able to  work as a team and gain skills which I have used when we come together to make final decisions on pieces submitted. Moreover, I have been able to sharpen my editing and writing skills through my time in this position.

At Western Carolina, I have taken a vast array of classes that have helped me become a well-rounded student. The skills I have learned from these classes such as marketing, law, economics, and computer information have given me new talents to bring into the workplace.