Editors Demo


Mountains to Macy’s!

A little trailer I made for a video series I am doing for the Pride of the Mountains trip to New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! 



Summer Symposium for the Marching Arts welcome video

This is the welcome video for the Summer Symposium for the Marching Arts for the summer of 2019! using footage from past years and After effects to create a hype video that created excitement after a very long registration day.


Summer Symposium for the Marching Arts closing ceremony video

This video here was played at the closing ceremony of the same summer camp in 2019. It was put together in less then 12 hours due to finally getting all the footage from all of the other media staff members throughout the week, but was planned over the course of the week mentally to capture the overall spirit of the camp!


Whee March to the Arch Trailer

A little trailer I did for a short youtube series I did with a group of friends when we went to saint. Louis for the Bands Of America Regional competition. I experimented with screen overlays to do a cool little colour distortion effect that sets somewhat a low quality handheld camera effect, which is a personal favorite style of mine.


Whee March to the Arch credits 

These are the credits for the 2 part series I made for when the band went to St. Louis. This was made using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Audition and Premiere. It was a very fun way to see Adobe Dynamic Link in action and being able to hand animate every single frame in photoshop!


What is Happiness?

What is Happiness was a video project I did a while back for an english class that was a blast to make and voice over. It was a nice way of expressing what I have learned from the class while using Premiere and Audition.


Carowinds Trip 2019

This video was shot on my Dad’s old Sony handicam on DV tapes! It was really interesting to use tape format then say .mov or .mp4. I really love the look of the footage, it brings a home video vibe that I was really trying to go for with this video of two friends and I going to an amusement park! I did add a bit of a chromatic aberration effect to add to the old home video look.


Fifteen Minutes- Mike Krol Music Video (unofficial)

For my Final project in my Television Production class, I made a grunge type music video to a Mike Krol song, had a blast filming this in downtown Asheville and colouring the footage! 

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