About Me

My name is Mallory Pressley and I am a junior pursuing a degree in Communication at Western Carolina University, with a concentration in Public relations. My career goals are to work for a brewery or company that is continuously growing and is dedicated to their guests and clients.

I have been working at Quin Theaters since 2015 and was promoted to Assistant Manager in 2017. While being Assistant Manager I have increased responsibilities including, handling income and deposits, training staff members and exhibiting and applying analytical skills to resolve issues between employees and/or customers.

Since becoming a student at Western Carolina University, I was a part of the Honors College from 2017-2018, while being on the Dean’s and Chancellor’s List 2016-2017. My GPA is a 3.4, while also being a part of Phi Mu Fraternity and being a part of four different committees in Phi Mu. Three of my strongest skills include my proven work ethic, demonstrated responsibility and a commitment to serving the local community.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

-Theodore Roosevelt