About Me

Photo Taken By Natalie Ballard

Hey There! Welcome To My Page!

My name is Rena Dawkins, and I am a student at Western Carolina University majoring in communication with a concentration in public relations along with a dance minor. Originally from the small town of Belmont, North Carolina west of Charlotte. As an influencer for the arts, communication ties into everything I love, which are people and creativity.

During my time at Western I have worked closely with our choral ensembles on campus both as a performer and head of social media content. Being a performer has taught me many things such as capability to work with a team, listening closely to detail, and using creativity within my work.

I am often described by my peers as determined, talented, and personable. I always make it my mission to build connections with others on and off the stage. In the future I plan to continue on to graduate education in Acting while using my communication degree to promote the arts.

You need a performer for an awesome play? I’m your gal! You need awesome social media management and marketing? I can do that too! You need someone to quote the entire Hamilton Broadway album? I am committed! I never give up on amazing opportunity to connect with those around me. I hope to reflect that within my future endeavors!