About Me


        My Major is Communication with a focus on broadcasting, and my minor is sports management. I am pursuing this degree at Western Carolina University. My career goals are to work on a TV set and help produce a TV series. Then one day move to films and start producing them. I would probably start with documentaries and investigative films.

Diligent, resourceful, and focused are three things I would use to describe myself as a worker. I like to get things done in a fast-efficient way that is also not always inside the box.

Some of my key experiences and accomplishments are working a paid sales internship where I learned how to talk to strangers on the phone and get them to do what I need to accomplish. I have also worked for WSIC radio in NC. I edit their videos on the YouTube channel currently on Local Biz Now. I have also helped make professional music videos that have received thousands of views on YouTube collectively.

“Hard work, works”